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September 13, 2017

Schedules have been posted for all stores and the fall skeeball season is now underway.

Good luck this season and we'll see you at the tournament!


July 17, 2017

The dates have been set for the upcoming Fall Skeeball League.

We'll have the registration link posted on August 1st.

Leagues will be at the following stores / nights / times:


March 27, 2017

Last season's runners-up, Skee-veland Rocks!, took the next step at Saturday's Winter Skeeball Tournament winning their first title... knocking off many-time past champs, That's What Skee Said. After losing the first game, Steve Krivos' clutch 640 narrowly won game 2 to even the match for Skee-veland Rocks!. Three more straight close games found Skee-veland Rocks! up 3 games to 2. In game 6, Brett Marcis (a mid-season recruit who was called upon as a replacement due to Nick Galiato's paternity leave), rolled a 540... after having only one 500+ game in his Skeeball World Tour career... to lead Skee-veland Rocks! to victory.

Skee-veland Rocks! - Winter 2017 Champions

Seekin' A Skeesome (Copley) and Scoopskee Potatoes (Mentor) rounded out the final 4, but came up just short of the final.

Over in the Second Chance Bracket, the Run D-M Skee (Copley... shown below) knocked off The Wannaskees (Brunswick) in the final match to claim the honors.

Run D-M Skee (Second Chance Winners)

Raffle Prize Winners ($100, $200 and $500 Amazon Gift Cards) are shown below (left to right): Jeanna Coleman - Macedonia, Sandy Guthleben - Mentor and Jason Platzgraf - Canton.

Jeanna Coleman - $100 Gift Card Winner Sandy Guthleben - $200 Gift Card Winner Jason Platzgraf - $500 Gift Card Winner

As always, Sal's Photos of the event are available for viewing.


March 17, 2017

Last night marked the end of the Winter Skeeball season.

A quick review of the Winter season's top achievers shows the following players atop the high individual averages category:

  1. Matt Lorenzo - (Canton) 472.3 (5th best All-Time)
  2. Tom Cole - (Lakewood) 463.7 (6th best All-Time)
  3. Brian Kampman - (Mentor) 419.3

Members of the 800 Club (all with 810's) this season were:

The top team (points-wise) for the 6th consecutive season is: That's What Skee Said (Canton, 110230 Total Points)... good enough for the 6th best average per game on the All-Time List.

The top team (record-wise) also happens to be: That's What Skee Said (Canton, 80-10-0 Record).


November 21, 2016

Claiming the November 19th Fall Skeeball Tournament title was Born to Skee wild (Mentor... shown below) as they defeated Jen Parker's Skee-veland Rocks! (Brunswick). The final round again went 7 games, though it wasn't looking good for the eventual champs, as they lost the first 3 games of the best-of-7 match. Anchorman Dirt Guthleben pulled off some late heroics in game 4 to keep Born to Skee wild alive, then stepped up in the bottom of game 7 needing a 380 to secure the title. Dirt nailed a 390 to narrowly secure the win in one of the best comebacks in Skeeball World Tour history.

Born to Skee wild - Fall 2016 Champions

Skeeterifics (Lakewood) and Scoopskee Potatoes (Mentor) rounded out the final 4, but came up just short of the final.

Over in the Second Chance Bracket, the Balls of Fury (Mentor... shown below) knocked off Mean Mom and Company (Brunswick) in the final match to claim the honors.

Balls of Fury

Raffle Prize Winners are shown below (left to right): Ashley Lorenzo - Canton, Mike Pivato - Brunswick and Randy Shockey - Mentor.

Ashley Lorenzo - $100 Gift Card Winner Mike Pivato - $200 Gift Card Winner Randy Shockey - $500 Gift Card Winner

As always, Sal's Photos of the event are available for viewing.


September 09, 2016

Registration for the fall skeeball season has ended and the new season will begin the week of September 12th at the following stores:

As you see, Lakewood has been merged into a single night (Thursday). All other stores will proceed as normal.

UPDATE: the upcoming season schedule was posted at around 2pm on the 9th, but an error was discovered with the Copley store. That error was corrected at 4:30pm and now all the stores' schedules are set.

Good luck in the new skeeball season!


March 21, 2016

That's What Skee Said claimed their 5th title in the March 19th Winter Skeeball Tournament, defeating Miami Skeet (who also happened to be last season's runner-up) in the final. The final round went 7 games and was decided on the very last ball. Matt Lorenzo (the final player on the home team in game 7) needed a 100 on his last ball to pull out the victory... and he nailed it!

That's What Skee Said - Winter 2016 Champions

For the first time ever (at least in memory), the top 4 teams in the tournament (That's What Skee Said - Canton, Skeeterifics - Lakewood, Miami Skeet - Brunswick and Scoopskee Potatoes - Mentor) made it to the final 4. Also of note... Rick (lefty) Miller of Miami Skeet rolled the only 700+ game of the night. The rest of the story is that he broke his right wrist the day before the season began and was forced to play the whole season... including the tournament... left-handed.

Over in the Second Chance Bracket, the Skeezy Old Bastards knocked off the Leahy girls of Sweet Baby Skeesus in the final match to claim the honors.

Raffle Prize Winners are shown below (Top, left to right: Lori Byrne-Macedonia, Cara Wilson-Mentor and bottom, left to right: Allison Galioto-Brunswick, Arlene Barcouza-Brunswick).

Lori Byrne - $100 Gift Card Winner Cara Wilson - $200 Gift Card Winner

Allison Galioto - $300 Gift Card Winner Arlene Barcouza - $500 Gift Card Winner

As always, Sal's Photos of the event are available for viewing.


November 23, 2015

Team Polycoat (Mentor) took home the championship for an unprecedented 9th time (with a few of those coming in the era) by defeating Miami Skeat (Brunswick) in 7 games.

Team Polycoat

Down 3 games to 2, Frank Ferrato rolled an 810 in the anchor position to keep Team Polycoat alive and they eventually won the 7th game.

The Beer Buddies (Mentor) were 3rd place finishers... making their first appearance in the final 4 as they beat another surprise final 4 participant, Team Zero Tickets (Bedford Heights), in the consolation match.

Beer Buddies

Over in the Second Chance Bracket, the Skeeball Lizards (Brunswick) came out victorious.

2nd Chance Bracket

Winners of the $250, $350 and $500 Amazon Gift Cards:

Gift Card Winner

As always, Sal's Pictures of the Event are now online for viewing.


November 18, 2015

Players at the Copley store tuning up their skeeball skills for the Tournament:

Copley Practice


November 18, 2015

The Tournament Bracket for Saturday's event has been finalized. See you all at the Tournament!


November 13, 2015

The 2015 Fall Season Tournament will be held on Saturday, November 21st at its usual location... the Winking Lizard Party Center, located at: 25380 Miles Rd in Bedford Heights (MAP). As always, doors open at 5pm and matches start at 6pm.

Everyone in the league (plus a significant other) is welcome to attend, regardless of whether your team has qualified to play. Make that 'encouraged' to attend. It's a lot of fun, plus there is a great All-You-Can-Eat Buffet and this season's prizes will be $500, $350 and $250 Amazon Gift Cards. Everyone that played in the league is eligible to win the prizes, which are drawn randomly throughout the night. You must fill out a raffle ticket (one per player) upon arriving and you must be present to win.

Amazon Gift Cards

Teams that lose in the first round of the main tournament are eligible to compete in the Second Chance Bracket. Rules will be posted at the tournament.


November 12, 2015

Machines will be on FREE PLAY from 6pm till closing at the following stores:

All are welcome to play... friends, family and fellow skeeball enthusiasts. So, practice up for the November 21st tournament!


November 11, 2015

Lakewood Theme Night

Jeovanna Drapac, Sean Drapac and Valerie Cintula of Gettin' Friskee


November 04, 2015

So a banana, a pilot and a Mexican walk into a bar...

Lakewood Theme Night

Valerie Cintula, Sean Drapac and Jeovanna Drapac of Gettin' Friskee


October 28, 2015

Lakewood Theme Night

Valerie Cintula, Sean Drapac and Jeovanna Drapac of Gettin' Friskee


October 09, 2015

Frank Ferrato became the second player in Skeeball World Tour history to roll a perfect 900 during regular season league play last night. His team (Team Polycoat) rolled an impressive 14,160 in the match... the 6th most ever.

Frank Ferrato - 900


September 25, 2015

Tom Cole (Lakewood-Thursday) just rolled the season's first 800+ game last night... the second 810 of his skeeball career.

Tom Cole's 810


September 23, 2015

Uncle Drew's (Mentor-Tuesday) scored the 4th most points in a match in Skeeball World Tour history last night.

Uncle Drew's has a match for the ages


March 30, 2015

That's What Skee Said (Canton) claimed yet another title (now their their 4th) at the winter season's tournament by defeating first time finalist It Burns When I Skee (also from Canton) this past Saturday night. Sal's photos are also available for viewing.

Champions: That's What Skee Said

That's What Skee Said

And the tournament wasn't the only thing That's What Skee Said won on Saturday night... they also won the two biggest prizes in the random drawing.

That's What Skee Said TV's

Second Chance Bracket winners: Balls Deep

Balls Deep


March 24, 2015

The tournament rankings are final and the TOURNAMENT BRACKET has been set!

For more info about the event, check out the TOURNAMENT FLYER.


March 16, 2015

This season's Tournament will be taking place on Saturday, March 28th. As always, doors open at 5pm and matches start at 6pm. We'll be posting the tournament bracket as soon as all results are in and we've been able to process the feedback forms... removing the teams that let us know they won't be attending. We're hoping to have it posted by Tuesday, March 24th. The tournament will take place at the Winking Lizard Party Center in Bedford (located at: 25200 Miles Rd, in Bedford Heights)... just like it has for the past several seasons.

Everyone in the league is invited to attend and take part in:

If you are eliminated from the main tournament early, enter the second chance bracket. It's available to all teams that lose in the first round.

During the week off before the tournament, stop on down to your local Winking Lizard store to practice on Free Play Night! All skeeball machines will be on Free Play from 6 till closing on the following nights/locations:

Here's a sneak preview of when the various prizes will be given away:

Please note: Players may bring their spouse or significant other to the tournament, but in order to qualifier to win the above prizes, you must have actually played in the league during the season.


November 17, 2014

That's What Skee Said claimed another title (their 3rd) at the fall season's tournament by defeating first time finalist Skeeters this past Saturday night. As always, Sal's photos tell the tale of the evening better than any words that could be printed here, but it was a fun evening and everyone had a great time! As a side note, Tony's Tribe defeated the Beer Buddies in the second chance bracket. Tony's Tribe also won the second chance bracket last season.

Champions: That's What Skee Said

That's What Skee Said

Runners Up: Skeeters


Second Chance Bracket Winners: Tony's Tribe

Tony's Tribe

Grand Prize Winner: Vanessa Shockey

Vanessa (Mentor) wins the grand prize


October 13, 2014

(October 13th, 2014)



May 19, 2014

Rick Miller not only won the individual 'Best Season Average' during the regular season, but he also lead his team, Out of Skeetirement (Brunswick) to the spring season title this past Saturday night (May 17th). Springskee & the Skee St. Band (Mentor), for the second straight season, had to settle for being runners up. They fell to Out of Skeetirement 4-0 in the final match.

Out of Skeetirement

The second chance bracket final featured a pair of Lakewood teams. In that final match, the Booskees edged out There's no Crying in Skeeball.

Sal didn't take as many pictures as normal in this event, but what pictures he did take can be viewed HERE.


March 04, 2014

Congratulations to the winners of the Winter 2014 Skeeball Tournament: BumbleSkee Tuna from Macedonia!

Honorable mention goes to Tony's Tribe from Mentor for winning the ilustrious "losers" bracket! And, Beans from GBSkee won the grand prize 60" TV. Congratulations to her!

For a link to pictures of all the festivities and fun click HERE!

If you are interested in signing up for the Spring 2014 league head on over to HERMES now!


November 19, 2013

That's What Skee Said came out on top at Saturday night's tournament. That was not a big surprise... since they did score more regular season points than any other team in the league. What was a big surprise was the runner up in the tournament. Skeeballz From Hell (Mentor) was that surprise team. They rolled through the #2 ranked Spy Guys, #7 ranked Skee Amigos and #3 ranked Out of Skeetirement in consecutive matches before coming up short in the final. Interestingly enough, there were no 700+ games rolled all night by any player. Also of note... Matt Lorenzo (That's What Skee Said) not only was part of the title winning team, but he also was the winner of the 55" TV in the raffle.

Pics of the festivities can be seen in Sal's Online Photo Album.


May 20, 2013

For the third consecutive season, the Spy Guys win the tournament. They lost their first game of the night, but that turned out to be their lone loss of the evening. Their string of wins culminated with 4 straight in the final match against first-time finalists The Brownski's. The Brownski's made it to the final match with back-to-back wins over 2 of the top teams in the tournament (That's What Skee Said and Mean Mom and Company).


March 10, 2013

Check out the Canton Winking Lizard doin' the Harlem Shake on youtube. Well done Canton!


March 10, 2013

The Spy Guys came out on top in the winter league tournament last night (March 9th)... taking home their 3rd title (2nd consecutively)... winning 4 games to 2 in the final match. Once again, it came at the expense of Marble Rye, who have been the runner up in each of those 3 Spy Guy title seasons. One of the big surprises of the night was the Skeet Skeet Skeeballaz (of Macedonia) who entered the tournament as a #23 seed, but that didn't stop them from knocking off 2 of the top teams in the tournament (#2 Mean Mom and Company and #7 That's What Skee Said) in back-to-back matches before falling to Marble Rye in the final 4.


March 12, 2012

We ran across this NEWS ITEM at Yahoo and thought we'd share. Maybe it'll help raise your scores!