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That's How I Roll


March 26, 2018

It was an 'ALL POTATO' final this year in the Winter 2018 Skeeball World Tour Tournament. Last season's runner-up, Skeet and Potatoes (Copley) was facing off against Mentor's Scoopskee Potatoes. The latter Potatoes actually finished in 4th place on Tuesday night in Mentor during the regular season, but had the good fortune of having one of their regular players (Greg Lyons) not able to make it to the tournament. With a fill-in player in tow, Brian Kampman picked up the slack in leading Scoopskee Potatoes to a sweep of Skeet and Potatoes. Three of his four games in the final match were 630's... after rolling a pair or 720's in the team's semi-final match (equaling his total number of 700+ games during the regular season in a single match).

Scoopskee Potatoes - Winter 2018 Champions

Rounding out the final four, but coming up a little short were (UnbeSKEEvable (Macedonia) and Rule #7Skee6 (Mentor). UnbeSKEEvable was the top team in the league this season and were the favorites going into the tournament... while Rule #7Skee6 was the top team at Mentor (Tuesday) this season.

Over in the Second Chance Bracket, the HungLo (Mentor... shown below) knocked off the Alley Cats (Macedonia)  in the final match to claim the honors.

HungLo (Second Chance Winners)

Raffle Prize Winners ($100, $200 and $500 Amazon Gift Cards) are shown below (left to right): Megan McPherran (Copley), Ross Fatica (Macedonia) and Deb Leahy (Lakewood).

 - $100 Gift Card Winner Ross Fatica - $200 Gift Card Winner Deb Leahy - $500 Gift Card Winner

As always, Sal's Photos of the event are available for viewing.