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Team, best average score per match for a season

1Spy Guys - (Mentor), Fall-201212851.4
2Spy Guys - (Mentor), Winter-201412740.0
3That's What Skee Said - (Canton), Winter-201512461.1
4That's What Skee Said - (Canton), Spring-201412415.7
5That's What Skee Said - (Canton), Fall-201312297.1
6That's What Skee Said - (Canton), Winter-201712247.8
7That's What Skee Said - (Canton), Fall-201412244.4
8Spy Guys - (Mentor), Spring-201312227.1
9That's What Skee Said - (Canton), Spring-201312202.9
10Spy Guys - (Mentor), Winter-201311941.4
11Spy Guys - (Mentor), Spring-201211867.1
12The Beers - (Brunswick), Spring-201211842.9
13That's What Skee Said - (Canton), Fall-201611805.6
14That's What Skee Said - (Canton), Winter-201311794.3
15Spy Guys - (Mentor), Fall-201311760.0
16Mean Mom and Company - (Brunswick), Winter-201311742.9
17Spy Guys - (Mentor), Winter-201211728.6
18Skeeterrifics - (Lakewood), Winter-201711717.8
19Out of Skeetirement - (Brunswick), Winter-201411598.6
20That's What Skee Said - (Canton), Fall-201511583.3
21Out of Skeetirement - (Brunswick), Spring-201411547.1
22That's What Skee Said - (Canton), Winter-201611504.4
23Out of Skeetirement - (Brunswick), Fall-201311477.1
24Mean Mom and Company - (Brunswick), Spring-201311438.6
25Always Next Year - (Brunswick), Spring-201211428.6
26Team Polycoat - (Mentor), Fall-201111422.9
27BumbleSkee Tuna - (Macedonia), Spring-201411355.7
28Skee-veland Rocks! - (Brunswick), Fall-201711333.3
29That's What Skee Said - (Canton), Fall-201211320.0
30The Mackinaw Peaches - (Canton), Spring-201311317.1
31Miami Skeat - (Brunswick), Fall-201511310.0
32Skeeterrifics - (Lakewood), Winter-201611304.4
33Mean Mom and Company - (Brunswick), Winter-201511300.0
34The Beers - (Brunswick), Winter-201311261.4
35The 3 Little Ladies - (Brunswick), Fall-201111231.4
36Mean Mom and Company - (Brunswick), Winter-201211191.4
37Team Polycoat - (Mentor), Winter-201211160.0
38It Burns When I Skee - (Canton), Winter-201511154.4
39Skeeterrifics - (Lakewood), Fall-201511146.7
40Spy Guys - (Mentor), Fall-201111140.0
41Always Next Year - (Brunswick), Winter-201211135.7
42Skee-veland Rocks! - (Brunswick), Winter-201711118.9
43Team Polycoat - (Mentor), Fall-201511097.8
44The Marble Rye - (Canton), Fall-201411066.7
45The Marble Rye - (Canton), Winter-201411048.6
46Seekin' A Skeesome - (Copley), Winter-201511041.1
47UnbeSKEEvable - (Macedonia), Fall-201711021.1
48That's What Skee Said - (Canton), Winter-201411005.7
49That's What Skee Said - (Canton), Fall-201710978.9
50Drunken Skeesome - (Lakewood), Fall-201610972.2