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League-Wide Leader Board

Individual Leaders

Player, high season average / game
(must play in a minimum of 50% of your team's games to qualify)

1Antonio Bassiotta427.5
2Nick Galioto427.0
3Rick Miller391.5
4Ron Bower389.5
5Steve Krivos379.0
6John Bornancin352.0
7Max Schindler341.0
8Jen Parker336.0
9Bryan Vedrody308.0
10Rob Quinn306.0
11Jim Mosley294.0
12Terri Bornancin284.0
13Sam Mosley276.0
14Jeff Lipinski269.5
15Stacey Mosley248.0
16Paul Zoharte239.5
17Renee Wolosyn228.0
18Vikki Mosley213.5
19Chuck Greinet213.0
20Shelly Miller210.0

Player, 10-game high

1Nick Galioto4860
2Rick Miller4620
3Antonio Bassiotta4500
4Ron Bower4440
5Antonio Bassiotta4050
6Steve Krivos3790
7John Bornancin3760
8Nick Galioto3680
9Max Schindler3410
10Rob Quinn3380
11Jen Parker3360
12Ron Bower3350
13John Bornancin3280
14Rick Miller3210
15Bryan Vedrody3080
16Jeff Lipinski3050
17Jim Mosley2940
18Renee Wolosyn2880
19Terri Bornancin2840
20Sam Mosley2790

Player, 1-game high

1Nick Galioto720
2Ron Bower630
2Rick Miller630
2Antonio Bassiotta630
2Steve Krivos630
2Rick Miller630
2Ron Bower630
2Ron Bower630
2Nick Galioto630
10Sam Mosley580
11Rick Miller570
12Nick Galioto550
12Jen Parker550
12Nick Galioto550
15 tied at: 540

Team Leaders

Team, 10-game high average

1Miami Skeat11760.0
2Milk Duds10580.0
3MT Nesters9860.0
43 Guys 9 Balls8365.0
6Woodleaf Rollers6500.0

Team, 10-game high

1Miami Skeat13270
2Milk Duds10840
3MT Nesters10560
4Milk Duds10320
5Miami Skeat10250
6MT Nesters9160
73 Guys 9 Balls8720
83 Guys 9 Balls8010
10Woodleaf Rollers6590
11Woodleaf Rollers6410

Team, 1-game high

1Miami Skeat1590
2Miami Skeat1470
3Miami Skeat1450
4MT Nesters1440
5Miami Skeat1400
5Miami Skeat1400
5Milk Duds1400
8MT Nesters1390
9Miami Skeat1380
10Miami Skeat1360
10MT Nesters1360
12Miami Skeat1350
12Miami Skeat1350
14Milk Duds1260
14Milk Duds1260
14Milk Duds1260
17Milk Duds1240
183 Guys 9 Balls1190
19MT Nesters1170
3 tied at: 1120