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League-Wide Leader Board

Individual Leaders

Player, high season average / game
(must play in a minimum of 50% of your team's games to qualify)

1Antonio Bassiotta479.6
2Ron Bower440.8
3Brett Neely437.2
4Rusty Brown357.9
5John Bornancin348.2
6Rob Quinn345.2
7Mike Liezert340.6
8Bryan Vedrody338.6
9Chuck Johnston322.0
10Chuck Dillon315.6
11Jason Sobolewski304.5
12Max Schindler296.3
13Andy Damas273.6
14Tricia Payne268.9
15Ben Booker261.0
16Terri Bornancin253.4
17Libby Duke208.9
18Chris Duke208.3

Player, 10-game high

1Antonio Bassiotta5190
2Brett Neely5160
3Ron Bower5150
4Ron Bower5110
5Brett Neely5060
6Antonio Bassiotta5050
7Antonio Bassiotta5030
8Antonio Bassiotta4970
9Ron Bower4890
10Antonio Bassiotta4860
11Antonio Bassiotta4790
12Bryan Vedrody4750
13Brett Neely4660
14Antonio Bassiotta4580
15Rob Quinn4540
16Brett Neely4520
17Ron Bower4510
17Ron Bower4510
19Antonio Bassiotta4360
20Antonio Bassiotta4330

Player, 1-game high

1Brett Neely810
2Antonio Bassiotta740
3Mike Liezert730
4Brett Neely720
4Antonio Bassiotta720
4Brett Neely720
4Brett Neely720
4Ron Bower720
4Ron Bower720
4Mike Liezert720
4Rob Quinn720
4Antonio Bassiotta720
4Chuck Dillon720
4Antonio Bassiotta720
15Chuck Dillon670
16Rob Quinn660
17Rob Quinn650
17Brett Neely650
5 tied at: 640

Team Leaders

Team, 10-game high average

1Team Nasty11336.7
2Milk Duds11211.1
3MT Nesters10375.6
6Skee's Company5260.0

Team, 10-game high

1Milk Duds13750
2Team Nasty13400
3Team Nasty12710
4Milk Duds11800
5Team Nasty11700
6Team Nasty11690
7Milk Duds11560
8MT Nesters11520
9Team Nasty11250
10Milk Duds11210
11Milk Duds11130
12MT Nesters11080
13MT Nesters10750
14Milk Duds10720
15MT Nesters10710
16Team Nasty10700
17Team Nasty10650
18Milk Duds10520
19MT Nesters10450

Team, 1-game high

1Team Nasty1750
2Milk Duds1710
3Milk Duds1620
4Milk Duds1580
5Milk Duds1540
6Team Nasty1530
6Team Nasty1530
8MT Nesters1510
9Team Nasty1500
11MT Nesters1480
12Milk Duds1470
13Milk Duds1460
13Milk Duds1460
7 tied at: 1450