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League-Wide Leader Board

Individual Leaders

Player, high season average / game
(must play in a minimum of 50% of your team's games to qualify)

1Brian Vukovinsky426.0
2Jim Mosley375.1
3Jen Leggott370.0
4Dennis Wish359.3
5Jen Parker341.1
6Linda Hopson338.5
7Sherie Bradenbaugh325.9
8Greg Keesbury322.6
9Stacey Mosley312.9
10Michelle White308.4
11Sam Mosley305.6
12Jarrod M Mosley304.7
13Tanya Daugherty301.0
14Jeff Lipinski299.4
15Tiffany Ruic296.4
16Frank Lipinski289.0
17Jarrod H Mosley282.2
18Vikki Mosley244.4
19Gun Chao241.7
20Michaiah Rundell234.1

Player, 10-game high

1Brian Vukovinsky4960
2Dennis Wish4630
3Brian Vukovinsky4560
4Brian Vukovinsky4550
5Jen Parker4340
6Brian Vukovinsky4310
7Brian Vukovinsky4300
8Brian Vukovinsky4290
9Jen Leggott4260
9Jen Parker4260
11Jen Leggott4230
12Sherie Bradenbaugh4120
13Michelle White4080
14Jim Mosley4040
15Linda Hopson4030
16Dennis Wish4010
17Jen Parker4000
18Dennis Wish3980
19Sam Mosley3920
20Jen Leggott3910

Player, 1-game high

1Linda Hopson750
2Jen Parker730
3Greg Keesbury720
3Brian Vukovinsky720
3Brian Vukovinsky720
3Jen Parker720
3Brian Vukovinsky720
8Jen Leggott690
9Linda Hopson680
10Jen Leggott650
10Sam Mosley650
12Brian Vukovinsky640
12Frank Lipinski640
12Stacey Mosley640
12Jim Mosley640
12Dennis Wish640
12Tony Cirino640
25 tied at: 630

Team Leaders

Team, 10-game high average

1The GRP10918.9
2The Skeemers10127.8
3Mean Mom and Company9613.3
43 Guys 9 Balls9610.0
5Three R's and a Ball8831.1
8Skee's Company2080.0

Team, 10-game high

1Mean Mom and Company12460
2The GRP12010
3The GRP11980
4The GRP11200
5The GRP11170
6The GRP11130
7The Skeemers10910
8Mean Mom and Company10850
9The GRP10780
103 Guys 9 Balls10760
11The GRP10720
12Mean Mom and Company10580
13The Skeemers10490
14The Skeemers10470
15The Skeemers10370
16The Skeemers10360
173 Guys 9 Balls10190
18The GRP10130
18Three R's and a Ball10130
203 Guys 9 Balls9960

Team, 1-game high

1The Skeemers1740
3The GRP1630
4The GRP1580
43 Guys 9 Balls1580
6Three R's and a Ball1560
7The GRP1550
8The Skeemers1480
93 Guys 9 Balls1450
9Three R's and a Ball1450
11The GRP1440
11The GRP1440
13The Skeemers1430
13Three R's and a Ball1430
15The GRP1420
16Mean Mom and Company1410
173 Guys 9 Balls1400
17The GRP1400
193 Guys 9 Balls1390
19The GRP1390