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League-Wide Leader Board

Individual Leaders

Player, high season average / game
(must play in a minimum of 50% of your team's games to qualify)

1Brian McPherran369.2
2Chris Filomena331.3
3Ed Zukowski329.0
4Melissa Dombrowski313.0
5Amy Vance299.2
6Dan Hinkle297.9
7Josh Borstein297.4
8Dave Opsincs293.8
9Morgan Lasher292.3
10Julie Taylor291.9
11Lindsey Borstein291.6
12John Papcun285.3
13Larry Uher283.6
14Rena Grida259.7
15Kelly Woodward253.0
16Dale Mowdy252.5
17Brian Blanda245.9
18Joshua Parks240.1
19Cindy Kane221.7
20Maria Espinosa219.0

Player, 10-game high

1Tom Heidenreich4470
2Brian McPherran4370
3Brian McPherran4100
4Tom Heidenreich3950
5Amy Vance3930
6John Papcun3870
7Ed Zukowski3790
8Brian McPherran3730
9Ed Zukowski3660
10Melissa Dombrowski3650
11Chris Filomena3620
12Josh Borstein3610
13Tom Heidenreich3580
14Chris Filomena3570
14Chris Filomena3570
16Dave Opsincs3560
17Dave Opsincs3550
17Ed Zukowski3550
19Chris Filomena3510
19Josh Borstein3510

Player, 1-game high

1Tom Heidenreich720
2Chris Filomena710
3Josh Borstein690
4Tom Heidenreich670
5John Papcun630
5Dale Mowdy630
5Chris Filomena630
5Morgan Lasher630
5Brian McPherran630
5Brian Blanda630
5Tom Heidenreich630
12Julie Taylor620
13Dan Hinkle580
13Dawn Saringer580
15Morgan Lasher570
15Morgan Lasher570
15Tom Heidenreich570
15Dave Opsincs570
15Brian McPherran570
15Josh Borstein570