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League-Wide Leader Board

Individual Leaders

Player, high season average / game
(must play in a minimum of 50% of your team's games to qualify)

1Tom Cole463.7
2Deb Leahy388.8
3Nate Leahy385.6
4Jeremy Rice365.7
5Bill Keller359.0
6Nicole Leahy337.3
7Jessica Leahy326.6
8Mike Leahy319.3
9Heather Leahy309.0
10Rich - 3olives284.4
11Ashley Parker278.7
12Jen Lynch268.2
13Alyssa Kencson260.5
14Kathy Alven255.4
15Don Stricker247.5
16Rick File243.2
17Jen Tolhurst240.9
18Bev Keeler236.0
19Arlo Graham233.7
20Mike Welther232.9

Player, 10-game high

1Tom Cole4980
2Nate Leahy4960
2Tom Cole4960
4Tom Cole4790
5Tom Cole4710
6Tom Cole4600
7Tom Cole4560
8Jeremy Rice4510
9Tom Cole4470
10Tom Cole4450
11Jeremy Rice4370
11Jeremy Rice4370
13Nate Leahy4340
14Deb Leahy4330
15Tom Cole4210
16Deb Leahy4170
17Deb Leahy4080
18Bill Keller4070
19Deb Leahy4020
20Bill Keller4000

Player, 1-game high

1Tom Cole740
2Deb Leahy720
2Tom Cole720
2Jessica Leahy720
2Tom Cole720
2Nate Leahy720
2Deb Leahy720
8Mike Leahy670
9Mike Leahy660
9Deb Leahy660
11Mike Leahy640
11Nicole Leahy640
11Jessica Leahy640
11Jeremy Rice640
11Jeremy Rice640
11Nate Leahy640
27 tied at: 630