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League-Wide Leader Board

Individual Leaders

Player, high season average / game
(must play in a minimum of 50% of your team's games to qualify)

1Ross Fatica436.2
2Gen Fatica404.6
3Justin Meeson383.4
4Rob Thomas366.6
5Mike Austin346.2
6JR Hnas344.2
7Joe Earle344.2
8Kaydee Earle332.9
9Randy Fitzsimmons332.1
10Lori Byrne311.5
11Lisa Roberts303.8
12Jackie Marshall293.4
13Marnie Fitzsimmons285.6
14Rocco Davanzo277.0
15Shannon August268.3
16Rich Skinger268.2
17Jeanna Coleman255.8
18Josh Matthews236.8
19Pat Byrne200.9

Player, 10-game high

1Ross Fatica4950
2Ross Fatica4880
3Ross Fatica4720
4Joe Earle4690
5Justin Meeson4630
6Gen Fatica4490
7Gen Fatica4460
8Ross Fatica4410
9Ross Fatica4300
9Ross Fatica4300
11Justin Meeson4290
12Ross Fatica4250
13Gen Fatica4200
14Rob Thomas4070
15Gen Fatica4050
16Mike Austin4040
17Gen Fatica4030
17JR Hnas4030
17JR Hnas4030
20Ross Fatica4010

Player, 1-game high

1Ross Fatica810
1JR Hnas810
3Ross Fatica730
4Mike Austin720
4Justin Meeson720
4Ross Fatica720
4Mike Austin720
8Joe Earle710
9Ross Fatica670
9Kaydee Earle670
11Ross Fatica660
11Ross Fatica660
13Ross Fatica640
13Ross Fatica640
13Joe Earle640
29 tied at: 630