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League-Wide Leader Board

Individual Leaders

Player, high season average / game
(must play in a minimum of 50% of your team's games to qualify)

1Ross Fatica400.9
2Gen Fatica370.9
3Ross Blakely332.2
4Rob Thomas331.1
5Lori Byrne317.6
6Rachel McBride315.6
7Joe Earle305.0
8Randy Fitzsimmons304.4
9Kaydee Earle295.6
10Marnie Fitzsimmons294.0
11Dave Walters288.4
12Rich Skinger284.4
13Mike Austin283.2
14Melissa Walters272.8
15Larry Uher270.5
16Dave Opsincs261.0
17John Papcun254.6
18Jeanna Coleman252.6
19Jimmy Byrd249.3
20Lisa Roberts246.4

Player, 10-game high

1Ross Fatica4480
2Ross Blakely4410
3Ross Blakely4330
4Ross Fatica4270
5Gen Fatica4230
6Ross Fatica4180
7Ross Fatica4130
8Gen Fatica4100
9Ross Fatica4090
10Ross Fatica4050
11Gen Fatica3840
12Ross Fatica3820
13Joe Earle3810
14Rob Thomas3790
15Rachel McBride3770
16Gen Fatica3760
17Gen Fatica3750
17Lori Byrne3750
19Gen Fatica3710
20Dave Walters3590

Player, 1-game high

1Gen Fatica740
2Ross Fatica720
2Ross Blakely720
2Rob Thomas720
5Rachel McBride710
6Gen Fatica670
7Gen Fatica660
8Ross Fatica650
8Dave Opsincs650
10Kaydee Earle640
15 tied at: 630