Skeeball World Tour
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Team Stats

Tony Cirino10345.0
Greg Keesbury10335.0
Jen Leggot20315.5
Linda Hopson20312.0

Record: 11-8-1

Total Points: 19350


1-game average: 967.5

1-game high: 1390

1-game low: 550


10-game average: 9675.0

10-game high: 10350

10-game low: 9000

The Skeemers Schedule

WEEK #Away TeamHome TeamAlleyStart Time, Date
1The GRPThe Skeemers17:45 PM, September 13, 2017
2The SkeemersFreeballers26:30 PM, September 20, 2017
3Whose Up Next?The Skeemers27:45 PM, September 27, 2017
4Mean Mom and CompanyThe Skeemers16:30 PM, October 04, 2017
5The SkeemersHBnS17:45 PM, October 11, 2017
6BrewskeesThe Skeemers27:45 PM, October 18, 2017
7The FritzelsThe Skeemers27:45 PM, October 25, 2017
8The SkeemersThe GRP17:45 PM, November 01, 2017
9FreeballersThe Skeemers26:30 PM, November 08, 2017

The Skeemers Weekly Results

Week 2 (Sep-20, 2017)

The Skeemers (6-4-0)12345678910Total
Jen Leggot360210180280902402903601903502550
Tony Cirino2701205401802803205403705402903450
Linda Hopson3302201501002802805402705402903000
Freeballers (4-6-0)12345678910Total
Natalie Monahan1702302903102301802301202302702260
Jen Angocchi2602901908102702602801801803703090
Matt Walters3602704502702002204501802801802860

Week 1 (Sep-13, 2017)

The GRP (4-5-1)12345678910Total
Dennis Wish3004207204702003501801802701903280
Tanya Daugherty360801401203503601901801103702260
Brian Vukovinsky4503602005404503603106304501803930
The Skeemers (5-4-1)12345678910Total
Linda Hopson1805703903002204901902303603103240
Jen Leggot1804802704502605406303103702703760
Greg Keesbury3702003602402003603604504503603350