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Final Tournament Qualifier Rankings

The 32 tournament qualifiers are determined based on the following criteria:
  1. First place teams are ranked 1 through 8 by total points with ties being broken by record.
  2. In the group below the first place teams are the 8 other automatic qualifiers*, which are now combined with the 16 wildcard teams. This group is sorted by total points with ties being broken by record.

* - The number of other automatic qualifiers (in addition to first place teams) from each stores varies depending on how many teams are at that store. If a store has at least 16 teams, it will have 3 other automatic qualifiers. If a store has from 11 to 15 teams, it will have 2 other automatic qualifiers. If a store has from 6 to 10 teams, it will have 1 other automatic qualifiers.

First Place Teams:

RankingTeam NameStoreWinsLossesTiesTot Points
1That's What Skee SaidCanton (Wednesday)80100110230
2SkeeterrificsLakewood (Thursday)79110105460
3Skee-veland Rocks!Brunswick (Monday)73170100070
4UnbeSKEEvableMacedonia (Wednesday)7315296940
5Scoopskee PotatoesMentor (Tuesday)7415190320
6Born to Skee WildMentor (Thursday)6723084800
7Seekin' A SkeesomeCopley (Wednesday)6225381780
8GRPBrunswick (Wednesday)6621376120

Additional Qualifiers:

RankingTeam NameStoreWinsLossesTiesTot Points
9Drunken SkeesomeLakewood (Thursday)7118197240
10Sweet Baby SkeesusLakewood (Thursday)6326187560
11Beer BuddiesMentor (Thursday)6228084510
12Rule #7Skee6Mentor (Tuesday)6129079880
13Skeetzboro RocketsMacedonia (Wednesday)5336179540
14Hell-OMentor (Thursday)6030078710
153 Skeets to the WindMacedonia (Wednesday)5138177880
16HungLoMentor (Tuesday)6027376840
17HooptabogenBrunswick (Monday)4644076030
18BrewskeesBrunswick (Wednesday)6326175270
19Skee 6 MafiaCanton (Wednesday)4247174980
20Alley CatsMacedonia (Wednesday)4842074330
213 Strong SkeemenCopley (Wednesday)4939273440
22Skeez BallzMacedonia (Wednesday)3653172540
23Whiskee ShotsCopley (Wednesday)4343471940
24Mean Mom and CompanyBrunswick (Wednesday)4841171460
25BeermeistersMacedonia (Wednesday)4246271380
26Skee's CompanyCanton (Wednesday)3554171310
27The WannaskeesBrunswick (Wednesday)4938370220
28FreeballersBrunswick (Wednesday)4739470100
29Run D-M Skee (Saringer)Copley (Wednesday)4740369350
30Alaskan PipelinersCopley (Wednesday)4739468920
31JB Gets Skee-ved by PunsMentor (Tuesday)6128168830
32The Real HousewivesMentor (Tuesday)4148168770