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Final Tournament Qualifier Rankings

The 32 tournament qualifiers are determined based on the following criteria:
  1. First place teams are ranked 1 through 8 by total points with ties being broken by record.
  2. In the group below the first place teams are the 9 other automatic qualifiers*, which are now combined with the 15 wildcard teams. This group is sorted by total points with ties being broken by record.

* - The number of other automatic qualifiers (in addition to first place teams) from each stores varies depending on how many teams are at that store. If a store has at least 16 teams, it will have 3 other automatic qualifiers. If a store has from 11 to 15 teams, it will have 2 other automatic qualifiers. If a store has from 6 to 10 teams, it will have 1 other automatic qualifiers.

First Place Teams:

RankingTeam NameStoreWinsLossesTiesTot Points
1UnbeSKEEvableMacedonia (Wednesday)74151108660
2Skee-veland Rocks!Brunswick (Monday)65250101750
3SkeeterrificsLakewood (Thursday)7910194910
4The GRPBrunswick (Wednesday)6525089530
5Born to Skee WildMentor (Thursday)6820289010
6Skeet and PotatoesCopley (Wednesday)6921088930
7Rule #7Skee6Mentor (Tuesday)7019186450
8Basic SkeeCanton (Wednesday)6226282910

Additional Qualifiers:

RankingTeam NameStoreWinsLossesTiesTot Points
9Make Skeeball Great AgainBrunswick (Monday)5931094220
10Seekin' A SkeesomeCopley (Wednesday)6721292150
11Skee U Next WednesdayMacedonia (Wednesday)5731292100
12Scoopskee PotatoesMentor (Tuesday)5832086480
13Sweet Baby SkeesusLakewood (Thursday)7019186040
14HungLoMentor (Tuesday)6425184940
15Whiskee ShotsCopley (Wednesday)6129082870
16Ali Oop-SkeeMacedonia (Wednesday)4841180930
17Axis of SkeevilMentor (Tuesday)6623180770
18The Hounds of SkeeballMacedonia (Wednesday)3850280330
19The SkeemersBrunswick (Wednesday)5831179100
20Alley CatsMacedonia (Wednesday)2961078330
21HooptabogenBrunswick (Monday)4346177960
22The Lebowskee Urban AchieversBrunswick (Wednesday)5139077840
23Mean Mom and CompanyBrunswick (Wednesday)5633176720
24Skeeball Is My Middle NameLakewood (Thursday)5436076500
25BeermeistersMacedonia (Wednesday)2068272530
26Good FriendsCopley (Wednesday)3654071570
27BrewskeesBrunswick (Wednesday)5039170830
28Skeeriously, its a REAL sport!Mentor (Thursday)4643170460
29Balls of FuryMentor (Thursday)5634070410
30FreeballersBrunswick (Wednesday)4743070120
31The Real HousewivesMentor (Tuesday)3852067960
32Alaskan PipelinersCopley (Wednesday)2562367790